Angered over the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United

London: Angered over the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United, Arsenal fans vented their fury on the striker`s wife.

Van Persie`s wife Bouchra, 28, was blitzed with abusive Twitter messages after the 24 million pound deal.

Van Persie, 29, was yesterday in Manchester undergoing a medical prior to signing a four-year contract that will net him more than 200,000 pounds a week.

While some fans posted videos of them burning their van Persie shirts on YouTube, many directed their fury at Bouchra.

The mum-of-two was branded a gold-digger and threatened by sick supporters blaming her for the switch to their title rivals, The Daily Star reports.

Angelo_156 Tweeted: “I wish death upon you. I hate you, you scumbag. I hope your whole family drops dead.

Diarmuid Boylan wrote: “You f***ing bitch. I hope your car gets robbed in Manchester!” Fadln called her a “gold digger”. Arsalan_Tweet wrote: “P*ss off to Manchester. Enjoy the extra £££££.

Hiuyan0806 tweeted: “Tell your hubby that he is the biggest betrayal in Arsenal history at all times. He won`t get away from it.

Three months ago Bouchra said she hoped the footballer would stay in London to avoid disrupting the children`s schooling.

But the abuse horrified many other Arsenal fans who tweeted support for Bouchra.


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