Alvaro Quiros made a 40-footer for eagle to win the Dubai World Championship by two shots.

Van Sickle: The European Tour announced that its Race to Dubai will be extended for three more years. How do you think it’s doing, and how’s the European tour doing, versus the U.S. tour and its FedEx Cup? Better, worse or about the same?
Gorant: I think it’s about the same. Started out with a bang but has cooled. The break-up of the Chubby cartel and their PGA Tour boycott has swung things back toward Finchem’s boys after the Euros seemed to have all the momentum this time last year.
Bamberger: The Euros are ahead. They know what the stars want: guaranteed humungous paydays.
Van Sickle: I forgot to add the European Tour’s latest coup: Mike Weir, ex Masters champ, has taken up membership. Get oot.
Herre: Hard to say which tour is doing better without all the financial data, but as a whole the men’s tours seem to have weathered the economic storm surprisingly well. I will say the Euro tour was smart to expand to Australia, South Africa and Asia, places with an appetite for the game this time of year, and some of them emerging markets to boot.
Van Sickle: I agree with Herre. The European tour beat the PGA Tour to the far corners of the earth, especially Asia, where the game and the sponsorship money seem to be growing. I’m not sure the PGA Tour can catch up there, and I’m not sure an American-based tour should try.
Bamberger: Unless that American-based tour is called the LPGA.
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Van Sickle: Before we move on from Europe, how about some parting thoughts on Alvaro Quiros? He’s impressive and obviously could be seen as the Spanish Dustin Johnson, minus the major championship gaffes. Between Quiros and D.J., who’s going to have a better career, and why?
Bamberger: I like Quiros. He came from nothing, economically. He’s gotten this far, and he doesn’t even have a short game yet, and I think he’ll get one.
Godich: I’ll take Quiros, solely on the fact that he doesn’t have the scar tissue in majors that Dustin has piled up. I won’t be sold on Dustin until he shows he can close the deal.
Van Sickle: Quiros is endearing because, unlike Johnson, he smiles a lot, seems energetic and appears to be having tons of fun while in contention. You can’t overstate how important it is to the public to see a player who enjoys the competition and shows it. I think Johnson has a better game right now, but Bamberger may be right about how much more room Quiros has to grow.
Rouse: Quiros is one of those guys you just find yourself rooting for. His attitude is infectious.
Tell us what you think in the comments area below: Who will have the better career: Quiros or Johnson?


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