Premier League Players Nude Photos Circulating on Twitter

Two nude photos of Premier League players when she was bathing in the locker room, circulating in the social media site Twitter. Both players who become the victims were both derived from the Manchester City club, namely goalkeeper Joe Hart and striker Craig Bellamy.

Twitter users who upload photos naked Hart and Bellamy admitted taking pictures both in home and away games, where both players were brought down.

Manchester City’s management has ordered their lawyers to discuss the case. Police expected to investigate the circulation of nude photos if there have been two reports from one of the victims. Tabloid The Sun said the photos seronok Hart and Bellamy has been removed from Twitter yesterday.

Misterirus Twitter account owner’s claims to be working for Endemol, the company that makes the TV show Big Brother, and Chelsea. “My perfect day when I saw Joe Hart bath for the first time,” he said.

He asserted to have video footage of Manchester United striker, Michael Owen, who also was in the shower. He also revealed a video tape with scenes performed at Everton midfielder Phil Neville. “I’ve seen you naked about 20 times Phil,” the source was in a Twitter account.

Endemol denied spreading nude photos of Premier League players were working at their company. Chelsea claimed not to know whether the spreader to work for them or not.


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