Berlin in semifinals of the Women’s Champions League

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Berlin Eastside finished its participation in the first place of the group B and booked a ticket in semifinals after defeating Austrian club Froschberg. Both teams had to deal with big  absences of Irene Ivancan, European runner-up, and Liu Jia, 2009 European champion. Despite this defeat, Froschberg is still in the second place of the group and must face Tamara Boros’s HASTK Zagreb in the last match.

TTC Berlin Eastside 3-1 Froschberg

Georgina Pota faced Maria Camelia Postoaca in the first match. Hungarian player swept with Postoaca in the first game by 11:4. Then Postoaca fought back but Pota won the second game by 11:7. In the third game, Pota kept her rythm and secured the first point for Berlin by 11:7.

Petra Lovas and Iveta Vacenovska met in the second match. Vacenovska took the first game by 11:9. The second set was close but Lovas managed to win by 13:11. Then Lovas took the lead after winning the third game by 11:9. But Vacenovska fought back and leveled the score by 11:8. Vacenovska’s game prevailed in the deciding game and leveled the total score for Froschberg at 1:1.

In the third encounter, Polina Mikhaylova faced Sofia Polcanova. Mikhaylova took the lead after winning the first game by 11:7. Then Mikhaylova didn’t find resistance and swept with Polcanova by 11:2. However, Polcanova continued fighting and won the third game by 11:5. The fourth game was close but Mikhaylova won by 12:10 and put Berlin 2:1 up.

Pota and Vacenovska came back to the table for the fourth match. Pota won the first game by 11:9 but Vacenovska leveled by the same score. However, Pota took control of the match and took the next two games by 11:5 giving victory to Berlin.


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